Success Stories





Kristi’s advice and guidance, has helped me to prioritize and to eliminate unnecessary stress in my everyday life. Like many professionals, I have a fast-paced schedule, many obligations, and often feel pulled in every direction at once! Since reading her book, Thrive 9 to 5, I’ve seen an increase in my confidence, my performance, my success, my health, my mood, and my overall quality of life. Kristi has a unique perspective, having previously worked in a very high-stress, demanding job herself, and she identifies with and relates to the working professional on many levels. I highly recommend her book for anyone who wants to achieve a goal, break a bad habit, find their purpose, reduce their stress level, and improve their life. If you are a manager who wants to energize your team, have them read this book – or better yet – have Kristi conduct a seminar at your workplace. You’ll be very happy with the results!



Today I had a very honest and genuine conversation with someone who I’ve had a broken relationship with for 20+ years. We able to look each other in the eye and honestly come to a place of healing from what we’ve cause each other. We left the conversation better people. I know so much of what I brought to the conversation was the things you helped me discover about myself and the person I want to be. I can’t thank you enough for the influence you brought into my life.



Your visit to our organization was just what we needed. As we travel through this period of uncertainty in our careers it is too easy to forget the power we have through positive and encouraging thoughts. Your presentation made me realize that what I need to do is to be verbally more supportive and encouraging of myself and others. It only takes a moment to point out to individuals who you know their strongest talents and capabilities. Doing it quickly makes us realize that it comes back to us many times over!

— BARRY, FALL 2010


I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your book! I have it on my bedside table. One of the most helpful things in it was the reminder that every thought is a measurable unit of energy. So all of that time spent in negative thinking, or having doubts is actually using up quite a bit of energy. No good! So I’ve been trying to be more mindful about my thoughts, in order not to waste resources.


You are such a treasure. I have been trusting and relying so much on your excellent coaching to help me fly.



Kristi Daniels’ approach was “out of the comfort zone” for many of us, but her engaging style and enthusiasm brought us all in line to getting her message. She was right, we’ll never forget where and when we first heard those turnaround statements rewiring our limiting beliefs.

— DALE, FALL 2010



I know I have stresses in my life and Kristi’s training series reminded me to be conscious of what I do and my responses to what I do. I enjoyed learning about the Thrive 9 to 5 ® principles and how simple everything is to implement in my work and life.

— Sam, Spring 2011


I was reluctant to come to this workshop in my office, but it hit so close to home within the first 5 minutes and changed my outlook on my work-life.  I didn’t even know how much I needed a workshop like this to bring to light all of the things I thought I knew, but was hesitant to address. I’m now addressing them head on!

— Shauna, Spring 2011


Thank you for helping me really challenge myself and verbalize my strengths and weaknesses, so I can grow. It IS making a difference! I really enjoyed sharing this with my coworkers, sometimes we get too busy to be authentic and talk about what is really important to us.

— Workshop participant, Spring 2011



I highly recommend Kristi as a speaker. After hearing Kristi talk, I had a doctor’s appointment and scheduled a test that I have put off for two and a half years.  I had the test yesterday and using the techniques Kristi taught I not only got through it smiling and happy, but then went for a long, enjoyable walk with my wife afterwards. Kristi’s seminar has made a large difference in my life in only one week!

— Bill, Fall 2010



I wanted to let you know that I’ve read (your book) and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  You made several great points that will stick with me for the long run.

— Managing Director, Aerospace and Aviation Contractor, January 2012


Kristi is an engaging and interactive speaker. Her one-hour course was full of exercises to help participants focus on identifying the areas in work and life in which actionable goals could help them reach new milestones. Her book, Thrive 9 to 5, also provides an easy to follow plan for setting and reaching new goals. I would definitely recommend her for any company looking for a keynote speaker or looking for a coach that can help develop a more positive workplace environment.

— Kathy, Fall 2011


I really enjoyed Kristi’s presentation, the large group exercise was phenomenal. I heard positive feedback from everyone. I can’t tell you how I needed your uplifting talk.  Thank you for a job well done.

— Betty, Fall 2010


Thank you for presenting to us today at our organization.  I was somewhat skeptical at the outset, but the last exercise was close to a religious experience.  It had a profound impact on me. Thank you.

— Tom, Fall 2010


I really enjoyed the presentation and would recommend it to anyone looking to inspire their workforce.

— Shawn, Fall 2010


Kristi is a refreshing and energizing speaker. I loved her exercises to help rid yourself of negative beliefs.

— Stephanie, Fall 2010


Great interactive and participatory exercises to get us out of our chairs. The presentation was informative and Kristi was very pleasant and enthusiastic.

— Chico, Fall 2010


Excellent talk! I am in a slump right now and I really needed this uplifting presentation.

— Megan, Fall 2010