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Listen in and get inspired. Activate the pure creative force and create something new today!

A podcast show to celebrate creators and activating the pure creative force that lies within. The pure creative force is the joy we experience when we lock in to doing what we came here to do and creating what we came here to create. It’s an energy and a pure expression of self. It’s our connection to our highest selves, and our birthright to co-create with source. When we create from this force, we elevate others.

Join the conversation to celebrate the pure creative force within.

Episodes includes interviews with amazing CREATORS ... men and women birthing something new for a better today. You'll also discover and activate the pure creative force within YOU. What are you creating today?

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episode 1

madison erceg

stand up comedienne

Madison shares her journey, how she is creating the opportunity to write, perform, have a voice and be the realest, rawest version of herself. We talk about how a few wrong turns helped her face her biggest fears and then everything started to click. And how humor opens us up to our deepest truths and connects us as humans.

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episode 2

cara thomas

founder of serenflipity

Listen to our interview and how Cara discovered how adventure and playfulness led to breakthroughs with her clients and in every area of her life. Be inspired to bring serendipity, real human connection and adventure to your life.

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episode 3

alex shade

president of First Generation

Listen to our conversation where she gives insight to running a creative business, the balance between managing and creating, how to delight your clients and how to consistently stay inspired to create the best.

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episode 4

tami pardee

life change warriors

Tami Pardee, the Founder and CEO of Halton Pardee + Partners is the creator of the Life Change Warriors Foundation. Halton Pardee + Partners is the 54th largest woman-owned business and #1 real estate sales team in Los Angeles. Her journey evolved into the creation of the Life Change Warriors Foundation. Life Change Warriors are committed to helping all people in need overcome their challenges and set goals to “star in the life they love.”

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episode 5

jenny johnson

creative designer

Jenny is the design manager for Gensler, the worlds biggest architecture and design firm and she’s the founder of the Lum Collective, a graphic and web design and branding consultancy. She shares how opening herself up to the pure creative force led her to an expanded definition of creativity, meaningful connections and unexpected life and career experiences.

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episode 6

Raghubir shares her journey with creativity from her childhood to motherhood, and walks us through the creativity series she’s teaching. Listen in to learn about strengthening your nervous system and energy reserve to overcome resistance, how to uplink to the universal mind to open yourself up to the pure creative force.

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raghubir kintisch

artist, teacher and yogi

episode 7

Amina shares her process for creating and bringing forth miracles in her own life, how and why she started the Joy Challenge and how the simple act of non-suffering opened up space and time for her to create something even better in the world.

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amina makhdoom

success coach

episode 8

Interview with Libby Dorot, the electronic mantra music artist OSLEE. She just released her first album, ELEVATE, which includes high vibe and heart centered tracks bringing ancient yogic mantras to modern life. Libby is a classically trained singer, who performed for the Washington Opera as a child. She shares her journey to connecting to her heart and the cosmos, to create her music. And how a good friend introduced her to the esoteric teachings of kundalini yoga, helping her out of grief and a painful time in her life, allowing her to rise and create a new path for her life and art.

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libby dorot

electronic mantra music artist

episode 9

In the last three years, Meghan Haskell has written and published four full-length novels, three short stories, and co-written and published a non-fiction guidebook. Listen in as she shares her creative process as a writer and world-builder and her mastery of the business side and time management.

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megan haskell

fantasy fiction author

Jenna Renee Hoffman helps businesses rev up their digital marketing presences through integrated marketing communications & social listening. Hungry for a creative career that enabled her to leverage the power of marketing and capitalize on her unrelenting work ethic, Jenna turned her side hobby into a living, breathing business. She inspires other creatives to take the leap, honor your cycles of creativity and carry yourself as a professional in everything you do.

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episode 10

jenna hoffman

creative entrepreneur

episode 11

Christie McNab is an Atlanta-based actress, who at a young age had a passion for film and television. She shares her journey as a performer, how she embraces the vulnerability of acting and bringing her truest self to every role. We discuss auditions and resilience in light of rejection, and how to overcome self sabotage and those pesky voices from your past that may keep you doubting yourself. We talk about women holding more powerful roles in the creation and production of film, and how the Me Too movement has created a healing opportunity for women who suffered abuse to be seen, heard and validated.

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christie mcnab


episode 12

karen colligan

the advisHERy board


Interview with Karen Colligan, principal of People Think, founder/author of The AdviseHERy Board, and recognized expert in leadership, team and organizational effectiveness.

We talk about the power of creating an advisory board, a creative incubator for women to hold the space for each other for business growth and creativity.

Learn more about the Advisehery board, buy the book

episode 13

mary purdie



Mary Purdie (@drawnbymary) is an amazing illustrator and artist. Creativity and the ability to express herself through art came to Mary at an early age. As a child, her grandmother supplied her with pastels. And at the age of 6, Mary wrote and illustrated a book about a run-away puppy. As an adult, she created her own line of greeting cards and began illustrating for fun inspired by pop culture references. She shares her journey through a period of immense grief, loss and pain; and how her art and self expression guided her through the healing process. We discuss how her inner strength is continuously being revealed to her, and the importance of carving your own style in alignment with your soul's truth.

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episode 14

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christine owenell


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episode 15

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episode 16

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episode 17

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episode 18

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