Pure Creative Force  

A podcast show to celebrate creators and activating the pure creative force that lies within. The pure creative force is the joy we experience when we lock in to doing what we came here to do and creating what we came here to create. It’s an energy and a pure expression of self. It’s our connection to our highest selves, and our birthright to co-create with source. When we create from this force, we elevate others.

Join the conversation to celebrate the pure creative force within.

Episodes includes interviews with amazing CREATORS ... men and women birthing something new for a better today. You'll also discover and activate the pure creative force within YOU. What are you creating today?

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Podcast series hosted by Kristi Daniels (McNab).

Work Can be different 

Turn work as you know it on its head. Executive coach and culture strategist Kristi Daniels (McNab) addresses your most pressing challenges at work, and gives you the tools to create a better experience on the job.  It's a podcast about work, relationships at work, leadership and management skills and how to create a dynamic culture that elicits the best from all.

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