Jennifer Spoelma founder of Career Foresight

Jennifer Spoelma is a professional career coach devoted to helping clients build careers that align with their lifestyle and values. She specializes in helping multi-passionate people hone in on your strengths and develop foresight, knowing how to take action now create the future you want to see.

What struck me most about Jennifer is her insatiable curiosity to ask the questions we all have about life and career, and her style is to dig underneath the surface for answers. The insights she uncovers go beyond a hashtag, and are thoughtful gems to help transform and shift mindset and careers.

She puts her inquisitive mind to work as a content creator, storyteller and now as a guide helping others to transform their careers.

Here’s Our Interview:

Our Conversation Notes:

2:00 — Mission of Jennifer’s company, Career Foresight; why and how she transitioned from online content creating and blogging, to launching her own transformational coaching business.

5:00 — How one question inspired her to create a process to help others transform.

6:24 — Confident Career Pivots Workshop: helping people uncover where and why they’re stuck, and offering a framework for confidently evaluating career options.

8:23 — Helping clients experience happiness in their careers, and overcome their most pressing challenges; how confusion and doubt stops the multi-potentialite (the professional who has many passions).

12:13 — How she helps professionals who are currently dreading their jobs and feel stuck.

15:00 — Inspiration from her father, being grateful for your job and not letting any stress or challenge interfere with other areas of your life; recognizing your purpose and value.

17:00 — Jennifer shares how she ignites curiosity, openness and thoughtful dialogue; excavating the conversation selfies vs. self portraiture.

23:50 — What does freedom look like online, and participating on social media? How to engage in social media in a healthy and free way, to be most self-expressed.

25:12 — What fuels Jennifer’s curiosity.

27:39 — Jennifer’s creative routine and keeping creativity alive, and being inspired.

30:08 — What’s next for Jennifer: Career Foresight book in early 2020

31:17 — Why she choose FORESIGHT as her mission

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