Mary Purdie, artist + illustrator, @drawnbymary

Mary Purdie (@drawnbymary) is an amazing illustrator and artist, who shares inspirational and fresh drawings with a big heart. I met Mary last year in Mt. Shasta and immediately connected with the sparkle in her spirit, her inner tenacity and warm grace.

Mary’s gift is her ability to share her deepest emotions through words and illustration. At age 6, she wrote and illustrated a book about a puppy who didn’t feel loved and ran away to find a new family. (Her heart’s response to her mom’s lengthy commute and time away from home.) As an adult, creating art has helped her heal from tremendous grief and loss, giving her an outlet for expressing emotion and working through pain. It’s also helped her create an online community that connects us through emotion and expression. 

We discuss how her inner strength is continuously being revealed to her, and the importance of carving your own style in alignment with your soul's truth.

Listen to our interview:

Here’s a rundown of our chat:

1:39 — Mary shares her journey as an artist, starting at an early age

5:23 — How her art has helped her heal through personal pain, grief and loss

9:32 — How she learned to surrender and being open to life happening a different way than she planned

11:30 — Using the act of surrender to ask for help and support

12:25 — How her strength is always revealed to her; being brave and vulnerable in the face of a breast cancer diagnosis

15:08 — the mind bender of time and creating her own life’s journey on her own time; not comparing to others

17:28 — Mary’s creative process and routine; capturing ideas during mundane activities; asking herself, “What message do I need today or this week?”

20:00 — Working through self doubt

21:22 — Breaking out of the rigidity of the graphic design school box & carving her own style and way of making pretty things

22:48 — Her advice for creative artists

22:03 — Creating boundaries with work, critiques, advice and charging what she’s worth

27:27 — Her advice for being your authentic self on social media

30:21 — A typical day in the life of Mary

32:55 — What Mary’s most proud of creating

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