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Jennifer Spoelma founder of Career Foresight

Jennifer Spoelma is a professional career coach devoted to helping clients build careers that align with their lifestyle and values. She specializes in helping multi-passionate people hone in on your strengths and develop foresight, knowing how to take action now create the future you want to see.

She puts her inquisitive mind to work as a content creator, storyteller and now as a guide helping others to transform their careers. We talk about purpose, value and finding clarity when you’re stuck.

We also recap one of her online conversations: selfies vs. self portraiture and how to experience healthy self expression on social media.

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Mary Purdie, artist + illustrator, @drawnbymary

Mary’s gift is her ability to share her deepest emotions through words and illustration. At age 6, she wrote and illustrated a book about a puppy who didn’t feel loved and ran away to find a new family. (Her heart’s response to her mom’s lengthy commute and time away from home.) As an adult, creating art has helped her heal from tremendous grief and loss, giving her an outlet for expressing emotion and working through pain. It’s also helped her create an online community that connects us through emotion and expression. 

We discuss how her inner strength is continuously being revealed to her, and the importance of carving your own style in alignment with your soul's truth.

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