Interview with Raghubir Kintisch

Raghubir Kintisch is an artist, educator and yogi. As an artist, she opens conversations about how we access and interact with the subtle realms & how spiritual practice and art practice are one and the same. She teaches teens at the Los Angeles High School for the Arts, and teaches kundalini yoga, the ancient yogic science and technology brought to the United States by Yogi Bhajan.

 She shares her journey with creativity from her childhood to motherhood. She walks us through the creativity series she’s teaching at RAMA Institute for Applied Yogic Science & Technology in Venice, CA. Listen in to learn about strengthening your nervous system and energy reserve to overcome resistance, how to uplink to the universal mind to open yourself up to the pure creative force.

Raghubir’s impact is to create elevated vibrations in everything she does.


Listen to our interview:


Here’s a rundown of our chat:

1:58 — Raghubir’s life journey with creativity

5:35 — How her definition of creativity remained consistent throughout her life. She is super confident about her work and always knows she has creative power at her disposal.

8:01 — Sharing and nurturing the creative life with her daughter.

12:43 — Surrounding yourself with other creative minds, whether they manifest as “artists” or not. And Raghubir’s humbling experience of going back to school to get her MFA at age 60.

15:49 — Raghubir walks us through the steps in her Creativity in Daily Life course, and provides the wisdom of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on creativity and expressing your soul’s work.

30:02 — How we can strengthen our “receiver” to acknowledge and receive ideas from the universal mind.

34:08 — Waiting for inspiration vs. show up and do the work whether you’re inspired or not.

36:32 — Raghubir’s advice to move through self doubt, judgement or stagnant energy.

39:38 — Raghubir’s advice for anyone who doesn’t think they’re creative.

Raghubir’s Creativity Course:

  1. Uplink: acknowledge you are part of universal consciousness and connect to the universal mind.

  2. Conceive: transformation of a thought wave into an idea.

  3. Flourish: nurture and grow the idea.

  4. Deliver: the result of your determination and backed by energy.

  5. Impact: creativity is nothing else but to create impact

  6. Healing: the energy form within us, it’s not an end result.

  7. Self-care: self-care returns you to that perfect ecstatic state...but it also involves figuring out who you are.

  8. Prosperity: prosperity is much more than the acquisition of riches; it is a state of mind and an energy flow that must be maintained. Prosperity involves the act of creative transformation.

  9. Community: in community, it is easier to affect change and make things happen. One of the most powerful tools for social change and transformation is spiritual/subtle activism.