Copy of Pure Creative Force Podcast: Interview with Jenny Johnson

In this episode, I interview Jenny Johnson on her serendipitous career journey as a creative and an entrepreneur. Jenny is the design manager for Gensler, the worlds biggest architecture and design firm and she’s the founder of the Lum Collective, a graphic and web design and branding consultancy. She shares how opening herself up to the pure creative force led her to an expanded definition of creativity, meaningful connections and unexpected life and career experiences.

Listen to the interview:


Here’s a rundown of our chat:

1:37 — Jenny’s career journey from advertising sales to founding the Lum Collective to design manager for Gensler

3:58 — How Jenny’s definition of creativity evolved

5:34 — Bringing a client’s brand message and image to life

8:40 — Activating intuition, having clarity and tuning in to a client & their brand

10:16 — The difference between branding design for large clients vs. solopreneurs

12:10 — Toggling between right brain and left brain

13:45 — Jenny’s tips for moving energy and getting into the creative flow

14:55 — Little tricks for working in an open design environment

16:02 — Tips for eliminating distractions

18:18 — How Jenny experiences the pure creative force

19:46 — Yearning to be creative as a kid

20:31 — When she began to embrace her talent and creativity

20:14 — What Jenny’s most proud of creating

24:08 — Redefining creativity and being open, curious and flexible

25:02 — How to create more curiosity in life: feel your way through instead of thinking your way through

26:38 — The turning point in her life & how she decided to have the most magical life possible

29:09 — Where Jenny finds inspiration

29:47 — Jenny’s advice for listeners

More about Jenny:

Prior to launching Lum, Jenny spent over 10 years in Business Development with startup technology companies. She is a self-taught designer who serves as chief talent manager, strategist and creative director for a best-in-class team of independent designers and contractors that make up Lum. Together, they provide creative vision, direction, and high-touch client management to align client’s business, creative vision and true essence, bringing it to life through brand and marketing materials.

In its first three years, Lum served a roster of over 40 clients with digital, print and brand design projects. Rooted in beautiful design, practicality and spirituality, our unique methodology redefines the creative process in a way that combines self-discovery and the art of intuitive, truth-based design.