Interview with Cara Thomas, founder of Serenflipity

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Cara’s Story

A one-way ticket to India, a mantra from a Rock Star and a passion to get unstuck, led her to create Serenflipity

In this episode, I interview Cara Thomas, an innovator and founder of Serenflipity, a game to help you get out of your comfort zone. These 30 adventure cards will connect you in crazy new ways — maybe you’ll have a breakthrough in an area where you are stuck, uncover the secret to love, or simply make a stranger’s day. After more than 10 years inventing award-winning products for Fortune 100 companies, Cara built this deck to help her get unstuck after a breakup and re-inspired at work.

Listen to our interview and how Cara discovered how adventure and playfulness led to breakthroughs with her clients and in every area of her life. Be inspired to bring serendipity, real human connection and adventure to your life.

Here’s a run down of our chat:

2:08 — How Cara created Serenflipity

7:05 — Why Serenflipity took off and resonates with so many people

12:40 — How she’s sees “failure” as an opportunity to help her grow

15:25 — Cara’s creative mindset & entrepreneurial spirit was curated at an early age

19:06 — How she defines creativity

21:06 — How she experiences the pure creative force within and serves her creative ideas

24:08 — Cara’s decision making process and how she uses 90 day experiments to allow things to emerge and the tools she uses to remain open

27:27 — How she lets creativity and good ideas work their way beyond the intellect and through the physical body

31:54 — Her daily routine and how she gets inspired

34:13 — Serenflipity success stories. How card flippers are changing their lives and creating adventure every day.

36:48 — Cara’s key habit to overcome her own anxiety and self centered fear

40:06 — What Cara is most proud of creating

41:52 — Cara’s top 3 pieces of advice for creative entrepreneurs

About Cara Thomas

Cara started Serenflipity as a personal experiment, when she convinced 90 friends, clients and strangers to write adventures for her to complete on a solo travel journey. The results were surprising and serendipitous — and even included getting life-changing advice from Steven Tyler.

She blogged the tales, and followers began to do the same challenges to great result. A stranger gave her the final challenge of her trip: to turn this project into a product to spark the same magic for others. While working 80 hour weeks and living in Singapore, she successfully crowdfunded and launched Serenflipity’s beta.

As she turned the project into a product, she discovered that going beyond your comfort zone and connecting with others and the world around you doesn’t have to be scary or serious. And it doesn’t require an exotic trip. It can be fun, easy, and happen right in your hometown.

Now, fans around the world are flipping their ways to new relationships, rekindled friendships and serendipitous encounters that spread joy.   


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