Isabel Patterson Child Development Center

(Team Session on November 20 - 21, 2017)


Breath of fire

Practice this breath for 3 minutes a day. This is a powerful breath in and out of the nose. Close the mouth and eyes. Focus on the nose inhaling and exhaling equal lengths. The belly will pump naturally, do not force it. Start for 1 minute, and work up to 3 minutes. Start slow, find your own rhythm and pace. It’s a powerful way to start your day or transform your mood anytime during your day. It synchronizes your body’s natural rhythms, strengthens the nervous system so you can handle stress and increases oxygen delivery to the brain giving you energy and the ability to focus.

Fists of Anger

Meditation to release anger and negativity. Practice this meditation 3 minutes a day to remove the anger, negativity and commotion from your being. Have something that is really irritating you? This is a great meditation to practice to remove the garbage from your field.

Team affirmations

Listen to an audio file of your positive affirmations.