Culture Consulting + Team Coaching


Leaders who understand and unleash the pure power of their people, win.

I offer a six-month program to establish an elevated framework that transforms culture, elicits the best from your people, dismantles harmful patterns and reinforces conscious work and business practices for success.

» STEP 1: Let’s have the conversation(s) no one is having and get to the heart of what’s happening (or not happening) in your workplace.

» STEP 2: Let’s hear from your people. Is everyone having the same experience, or are there different perceptions about what’s happening? Close the gap.

» STEP 3: I’ll facilitate a series of culture training sessions, mixed in with one-on-one coaching with your leaders and rising stars. Topics include: taking 100% responsibility, telling the truth faster, integrity, communication, energy management and projection, problem solving/solution finding and accountability.

» STEP 4: Set milestones and hold the team accountable. Measure success.