📷:  @neohumanity


What a gift we have to wake up every day and create the experiences we want. Paint the brush marks on the canvas, curate the image on the screen, fill a lined page with handwritten musings or load an .mp3 file with our sweet harmonies.

Like this picture. It's art. It's so pretty and vibrant. It makes me feel alive.

But I don't know any farmer who'd paint their tractor lavender, if John Deere even sells that hue, and why it's sitting in the middle of a flower field?

Sometimes it's good to loosen our grip, question our "insta-reality," step back and have a good chuckle about what's posted (or what we're posting) on social media.

Like my good friend Christine (@christineowenell ) ... she has a daily habit of asking herself, "Is this true for me ... right now?"

What's true for you today? And where can you sharpen your clarity to access your truth? Sometimes you need a gut check to pull you back home.

📷: @neohumanity