photo by: @itskristimcnab

photo by: @itskristimcnab



The practice of grounding your energy is just like grounding for electricity -- you want to give the source of energy a clear channel and connection to the earth to keep the channel safe.

By nature, electricity seeks to return its electrons to "ground"—that is, to discharge its negative energy and return to equilibrium.

When we're ungrounded, we're not connected. The energy runs amok inside of us and produces anxiety, irritability, and agitation. Ungrounded states lead to spaciness and a scattered mind.

Knowing how to ground our personal energy is helpful to bring us back to equilibrium, and give the erratic energy a safe place to be discharged.

Here are some grounding tools:

1. Hug a tree. My preference is to lean my back against the tree, either sitting or standing. I close my eyes and allow my spine to connect with the energy running through the trunk. I imagine the force of the tree consolidating my erratic energy and absorbing it into its own natural gravitational force. Walking barefoot in the grass has the same effect.

2. Meditate. Take a very deep inhale and then slowly exhale. Take another deep breath, your deepest one of the day. Visualize a ball of light glowing in the center of your chest, gathering all the energy in your body. Let it descend down your spine, to your tailbone, down your legs and out your feet. Imagine the energy leaving the bottom of your feet and descending through the earth, to its very core. Connect with the heartbeat of the earth. Imagine your energy is being revitalized and renewed with a deep, methodic cadence. Then imagine the energy ascending back up through the earth, through your feet, up your legs and up your spine, back to your heart center. Take a few deep breaths sensing this powerful energy emerge with yours.