Pure Creative Force Podcast: Interview with Tami Pardee and Life Change Warriors

In this episode, I interview Tami Pardee, the Founder and CEO of Halton Pardee + Partners and creator of the Life Change Warriors Foundation. Halton Pardee + Partners is the 54th largest woman-owned business and #1 real estate sales team in Los Angeles. Tami and her team have been committed to giving back since day one — donating more than $1 million toward uplifting local communities in 13 years. After achieving this milestone, the journey evolved into the creation of the Life Change Warriors Foundation. Life Change Warriors are committed to helping all people in need overcome their challenges and set goals to “star in the life they love.”

Here’s a rundown of our chat:

2:09 — How and why Life Change Warriors began

3:07 — How the Pure Creative Force works through her

5:09 — How Life Change Warriors is transforming lives

7:22 — The biggest shifts come from baby steps

8:27 — What it means to “star in the life you love”

9:56 — What we can learn from younger generations about how they embrace creativity

11:26 — Creating through visualization

12:45 — The power of up-leveling every situation & “GAAL-ing” everyone you meet

15:16 — Create community, connectedness and the best work culture by leading with love not fear

16:34 — Tami is always creating from a soulful place and always keeps herself open to inspiration

18:00 — What Tami’s most proud of

19:19 — Keeping centered and being a seeker

20:16 — Tami’s most important insights to starting a nonprofit and/or community service in the workplace


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