Pure Creative Force Podcast: Interview with Megan Haskell, author

Megan Haskell is the award winning author of The Sanyare Chronicles, Content Director for OC Writers, a Network of Published and Aspiring Authors and the mother of two young children.

Escape with Megan into myth, magic, and mayhem. She’s been a fantasy reader for as long as she can remember. And has loved joining extraordinary adventures in the written word, imagining herself alongside heroic men and women, fighters and warriors who strive to improve the world, or at least kill the bad guy. She brings new fantasy adventures to live, giving readers a safe escape from daily reality.

In the last three years, she has written and published four full-length novels, three short stories, and co-written and published a non-fiction guidebook.

Listen in as she shares her creative process as a writer and world-builder and her mastery of the business side and time management.

Listen to our interview . . .

here’s a rundown of our chat …

2:05 — Megan’s journey as a big-firm accountant to an award winning author creating a fantasy heroine accompanied by a few carnivorous pixies; listen to how she turned her daily train ride to LA into a creative incubator

6:37 — How she woke up her inner creative voice; curiosity and the craving for creativity

7:39 — The highlights of her publishing route and why she chose independent publishing route

11:00 — “PUBLISH! Take Charge of Your Author Career” co-written by Megan Haskell and Greta Boris; traditional vs. independent publishing for authors

12:31 — Megan shares her creative process; how to open yourself up to the creative flow

16:51 — What motivates and inspires her

19:04 — How she toggles between left and right brain hemispheres

20:51 — Her biggest challenge: finding time

23:48 — How she manages distractions

26:00 — Where she finds creative inspiration: deviant art and other fantasy writers

30:40 — Megan’s favorite writers

35:44 — How she’s inspiring others around her

40:00 — What’s next for Megan: she’s writing a prequel trilogy to The Sanyare Chronicles

42:25 — Her advice for creatives

44:50 — Stay in touch with Megan (www.meganhaskell.com); sign up for her newsletter and receive Pixie Tamer, the short story prequel to The Sanyare Chronicles for free