photo by: @jenrenpro

photo by: @jenrenpro


I'm fascinated by conversations about personal growth and discovering tips and tools to bring your best self to any situation.

It's not always easy, and sometimes our mood, energy level or emotion keep us from being our best.

But one mindset I found to instantly shift heavy energy, procrastination or resistance is to carry yourself like a pro. And practice habits that align you with your own professionalism, whatever that means to you.

"When you turn pro, your life gets very simple." In his book Turning Pro, Steven Pressfield says that turning pro is a decision to which we must re-commit every day and the difference between an amateur and a professional is their habits.

Do your daily habits set you up to live life like a pro?

In my podcast interview with Jenna Hoffman (@jenrenpro episode 10), she shares why living life like a pro is the mission that drives her and her creative business. Her pro habits include "eye liner, early mornings and not wearing sweatpants in public." She encourages us to get up, dress up and show up.

What are your non-negotiables to carry yourself with dignity? Where can you live life like a pro and show up for yourself and others?

-- Always be proud of what you're wearing and what you look like when you walk out the door. My mom would always tell me, when in doubt, dress one level up from everyone else. This wasn't about ego -- it was about feeling good in your own skin.
-- Be proud of who you are and how you show up during your day.
-- Approach your clients, students, customers or even loved ones with the attitude of: "how can I best serve this person today?"
-- If you hit a low spot or self esteem dip, take a deep breath and say "I'm doing the best I can, and the best me is going to show up right now."

What pro habits do you love that keep you energized and living life on purpose? I want to hear. Share them below!