Pure Creative Force Podcast: Interview with Jenna Hoffman, digital marketing Expert, Photographer & Creative Entrepreneur

Listen in as Jenna Hoffman inspires creative entrepreneurs to live life like a pro. She’s a digital marketing expert and photographer who took the leap from a draining corporate job and turned her passions into a thriving creative business.

🌟Jenna is a high-vibe millennial who’s wise beyond her years, and blends a little grit with big creativity. 🌟

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Here’s a run down of our chat …

1:51 — How Jenna turned a side hobby into a business

5:50 — What she’s learned about herself since starting her own business

7:25 — Creating boundaries with social media and limiting her to-do list to six items

8:51 — One of the most rewarding experiences with her business: inspiring younger generations to live their passions

11:47 — Jenna’s biggest challenges and how she works to overcome: the pressure you feel is your own, give yourself permission to redefine success, embrace change and create as you go

13:52 — What it means to “Live life like a PRO": how you carry yourself is everything, it’s the energy you transmit to everyone you touch

20:00 — How Jenna defines creativity

23:37 — The story of how an orange lamborghini was the catalyst to quitting her data analytics corporate job and pouring herself into her creative business

26:15 — How she keeps her creativity alive and flowing; letting her curiosity and wonder lead her on travel adventures

29:40 — Jenna’s greatest inspiration

32:27 — Jenna’s biggest champions

34:05 — Jenna’s advice for following your passions

36:16 — How to move past any creative “rut” using Einstein’s combinatory play

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