photo by: @jenrenpro

photo by: @jenrenpro



When you're breathing the same breath with someone, you can't be in conflict.

Next time you find yourself in a tense situation with another person ... breathe. And make it a conscious breath to elevate you and the other person out of the funk. Breathe in and say to yourself, "I Am," breathe out and say "Peace." (Or, "I am ... calm.")

Your breath is your spirit, let it guide the conversation and let your ego take a rest.

We have the habit of holding our breath when we're in a tense or fearful situation. And when we do, we cut ourselves off from our intuition and the part of us that knows what to do and what to say, for the highest good of everyone involved.

Think of your breath as a force to break through any lock down or stagnancy between you and your antagonist.

Another tip for breaking through a communications impasse, is called "Buddhi Mudra" -- press the pad of the thumb firmly onto the nail of the Mercury (pinky) finger for about one minute. (In yogic technologies, mudra means hand position. Mercury governs communications. And the thumb is your ego.)

Yogi Bhajan said to use this mudra, whenever you do not know how to communicate something that is bothering you. "By locking with the pinky (Mercury) finger, you develop the inner strength to communicate anywhere with anyone, under any circumstances. Or read the thoughts thereafter."

Then change the position slightly, and touch the TIP of the thumb to the TIP of the pinky finger. "Your entire sense of communication shall come on your command."

Be curious. Try it and see what experience you can create!