My friend Remington Donovan, @themysticalarts, is launching a new 40 day prosperity practice today: approach everyone, including yourself, with the attitude, "We're all doing our best!"

I love this.

I learned this tool years ago, to detach and make life a little lighter. When you’re irritated, frustrated or disappointed in another, say to yourself: “they are doing the best they can with the information and knowledge they have," (and it's not my job to jump in and provide them with the information and knowledge!)

What a powerful practice.

And relieve yourself at any time: “I’m doing my best!”

If we each take it on in our own way, we can shift irritability and frustration and generate a little more compassion and acceptance.

Who's in for a 40 day challenge?

And who will you approach today with the understanding, "WE'RE ALL DOING OUR BEST!"

Happy new moon eclipse!