@madisonerceg Madison Erceg, Atlanta-based comedien

@madisonerceg Madison Erceg, Atlanta-based comedien


I've always been a left brain communicator. My first career in PR demanded planning, strategizing and knowing what I was going to say before I opened my mouth. I was never one to "wing it." Giving presentations was my biggest fear in my 20s. I always thought I had to memorize the lines, and if I messed up, it really threw me off stride.

Over the years, I've learned to relax and trust when it's time to talk. And I've learned to dance in communications. It's an energetic exchange where you become completely available to your audience -- whether it's one person or one hundred. You HEAR beyond the words to know what is being said and what's not being said. You're fully available to see, hear and witness the other person(s). Then, you can respond from the heart. Let the divine spirit work through you. I later learned in a workshop, that if you ever go blank and forget your thought ... make eye contact with one person in your audience and listen for the next thought to come through. You'll hear it as a whisper or see it in their eyes.

Communicating, presenting and teaching are now so much fun for me, because it's not so much what I have to say, but how it lands and what my audience and I can create together.

This is what comedienne @madison.erceg describes in our podcast interview (Pure Creative Force episode #1) ... when you open your mouth, release the need to know the outcome. Embrace the unknown. That's where you create gold with another person.

Here are 2 tips for more fulfilling connection & communication:

1️⃣. release your need to be right, make the other person wrong or the need to know the outcome. Can you be fully available to dance with the other person, and create in the moment?

2️⃣. in your next conversation, draw your energy to and focus to the center of your heart (get out of your head!). Breathe deeply and fully "be with" the person you're speaking with. If it's in person, look them in the eye. If it's on the phone, see if you can make yourself fully available to receive what they're saying. Notice a deeper listening & connection?

Let me know how it goes ... and what gold you create with your loved ones!