Pure Creative Force Podcast: Interview with actress Christie McNab

In this episode, I interview Christie McNab, an Atlanta-based actress who at a young age had a passion for film and television. She co-wrote and stars in a short film called the Break Up, and also plays the lead in another short film called Katie. On the big screen, she has supporting roles in the movie Almost Friends opposite Freddie Highmore & Haley Joel Osment, as well as television appearances in NBC's Powerless and CMT's Nashville.

She shares her journey as a performer, how she embraces the vulnerability of acting and bringing her truest self to every role. We discuss auditions and resilience in light of rejection, and how to overcome self sabotage and those pesky voices from your past that may keep you doubting yourself. We talk about women holding more powerful roles in the creation and production of film, and how the #metoo movement has created a healing opportunity for women who suffered abuse to be seen, heard and validated.

Listen to our interview …


Here’s a run down of our chat …

2:03 — Christie’s journey and inspiration to get into acting

6:20 — Finding a groove in the discomfort; being vulnerable and finding her authentic voice

8:14 — Her creative process and connecting to the character and the scene

11:18 — How she keeps her craft sharp in between projects; doing the personal work to be in touch with her emotions, the crux of the craft

12:17 — What she’s learned from acting, truthfully portraying humanity and being in touch with who you are

13:48 — Christie’s greatest teachers

15:34 — Being fully present in order to create in the moment with your scene partner

17:23 — Her biggest challenges and how she overcomes; how to drop expectations and restrictions

18:50 — How she gets out of her head and rids self consciousness, in order to be truthful

20:42 — How she keeps herself inspired and motivated; and the importance of accountability from her community

22:31 — How she bounces back after rejection or not hearing back; learning how to detach, gaining multiple perspectives and knowing that what’s yours will never pass you by

25:52 — Christie’s creative inspirations: Jennifer Lawrence, Margot Robbie and Louise Hay

31:09 — Comradery, collaboration and support among women in the industry

33:00 — How the #metoo movement opened the space for healing, and the ability to finally be heard, seen and validated after sexual abuse

36:07 — What’s next for Christie; The Warrant, a western movie to be released next year

36:52 — Christie’s vision for her career

37:26 — Her most fulfilling creations — writing and starring in The Break Up, moving from LA to GA

38:57 — How to overcome negative self talk and override the voices from our past that weren’t supportive

40:29 — Her advice for creatives to live your passion


Christie’s Bio …

Christie McNab was born and raised in Irvine, CA, where she learned at a young age her passion for film & television. Although growing up she was heavily involved in sports such as softball, soccer, volleyball and cheerleading, she decided to change paths & began taking on camera acting classes at the Actors Studio of Orange County. Soon she was enrolled in Master Classes at multiple acting studios and began self submitting for small projects to get some on set experience. Shortly after booking the lead in her first short film, Katie, she signed with her management company, RCM Talent & Management and took a leap of faith with a move to LA. One of her first roles upon moving was opposite Freddie Highmore & Haley Joel Osment in Almost Friends, followed by her television debut in NBC's Powerless and a role on CMT's Nashville. Christie continues her journey of learning, growing and developing as an actress by delving into the Southeast's growing film & television industry while continuing her work on independent projects and training with AMAW Atlanta.