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One of the tips my dog trainer gave me was to make the distinction between coddling and cuddling.

Coddling: If your pup is agitated, scared or anxious, acknowledge it. But don’t respond by reflecting that same energy. Don’t go into a downward spiral of “oh poor baby, what’s the matter, I will protect you.” Acknowledge her, and keep elevated. Tell her she’s okay and you keep calm to raise her energy back to calm, submissive and centered.

Cuddling is of course, showing love and affection without any drama or self-induced emotion. Cuddling is neutral and empowered.

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How do you wake up?

The moment your eyes open, do you immediately jump to what you have to do during your day? Creating anxiety, stress or agitation?

A great morning practice to adopt is to wake up and bless yourself, or wake up in gratitude for your life and for the day.

The moment your eyes pop open, put your left hand on your heart and take a few very deep breaths. Express gratitude. Say a prayer or a mantra. I like to say, "use me, work through me, show me and guide me to where I can best serve others today," (from the Marianne Williamson prayer). Breathe and ask your spirit what it needs today. I also like to say, "I expect great things to happen today, surprise me!"

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CHANGE. It’s a state of being that I’ve been fascinated by ever since I was a kid.
I love to move; I’ve picked up and packed up 5x in the last 10 years. 📦 I’m the fearless woman who can walk into a salon telling the stylist, do whatever you want and always love the outcome. 💇
Trying new things is always an adventure.
Yet lately, I’ve been in a rut. Too much comfort and stagnation. Too little adventure.

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Whenever someone stopped the momentum to wallow in a problem or spiral in complaint, doubt or confusion, one of us would ask a simple question to stop the drain: "WHAT'S THE SOLUTION?"

Those three words can shift the energy on the spot.

There is always a solution.

There is a way through every block.

Use this powerful statement as a way to shift your energy from stuck ... to... flow. Say it out loud. Repeat it. Let go of any expectations and be open to receiving, finding or being guided to the answer. Be available to a new possibility.

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I'm fascinated by conversations about personal growth and discovering tips and tools to bring your best self to any situation.

It's not always easy, and sometimes our mood, energy level or emotion keep us from being our best.

But one mindset I found to instantly shift heavy energy, procrastination or resistance is to carry yourself like a pro. And practice habits that align you with your own professionalism, whatever that means to you.

"When you turn pro, your life gets very simple." In his book Turning Pro, Steven Pressfield says that turning pro is a decision to which we must re-commit every day and the difference between an amateur and a professional is their habits.

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I learned this tool years ago, to detach and make life a little lighter. When you’re irritated, frustrated or disappointed in another, say to yourself: “they are doing the best they can with the information and knowledge they have," (and it's not my job to jump in and provide them with the information and knowledge!)

What a powerful practice.

And relieve yourself at any time: “I’m doing my best!”

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It's another tool to strengthen your nervous system! And a great healing tonic when you want to detox from caffeine.

Brew a homemade batch of yogi tea for the week, and slowly swap out your usual tea or coffee habit.

This recipe heals: it purifies the blood, lungs and circulatory system and cleans the liver. And you must add a pinch of black tea to bind the healing force. (The healing effects outweigh the dose of caffeine.)
It also leaves your home smelling divine!

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One of my favorite story tellers, Joseph Campbell, once said "“If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it's not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That's why it's your path.”

The magic happens when you create as you go.

We can make a plan to give us structure or a framework, but it's so important to loosen the grip on it and not be so attached. Create room every day for a little dancing with the divine and for something new to drop in.

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When you're breathing the same breath with someone, you can't be in conflict.
Next time you find yourself in a tense situation with another person ... breathe. And make it a conscious breath to elevate you and the other person out of the funk. Breathe in and say to yourself, "I Am," breathe out and say "Peace." (Or, "I am ... calm.")

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Here are 2 tips for more fulfilling connection & communication:

1️⃣. release your need to be right, make the other person wrong or the need to know the outcome. Can you be fully available to dance with the other person, and create in the moment?

2️⃣. in your next conversation, draw your energy to and focus to the center of your heart (get out of your head!). Breathe deeply and fully "be with" the person you're speaking with. If it's in person, look them in the eye. If it's on the phone, see if you can make yourself fully available to receive what they're saying. Notice a deeper listening & connection?

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4 tips to turnaround any situation

Is there some area of your work or your life that you’d like to see a different result? Or do you have a challenge that you are facing where you can’t seem to figure out the next best step? Or maybe you need to hit the re-fresh button for a clearer outlook?

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When your story becomes yesterday’s news

I recently received a call from a man who wanted some career coaching. He proceeded to tell me the miseries and hardships of the last several years in trying to land a job … the economy, the wrong path, how he’s overqualified, blah, blah, blah and I started to swirl around in his over-explanation. 

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Stay In Your Lane

I recently received some great advice from my mentor about managing my energy and avoiding distractions: “Stay in your lane, Kristi. Stay in your lane.”It reminded me of the road rage I see every day on the 405.

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How following your gut can make someone’s day

A few weeks ago, I thought about sending a flower arrangement to my friend & spiritual teacher to thank her for leading a great weekend retreat.But I knew she was traveling and wouldn’t be home, so I didn’t send it.

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When the Law of Attraction isn’t working …

Early on in my coaching journey, I will admit, I was a frustrated student of The Law of Attraction. Year after year, I’d set intentions (make declarations through word) and feel the feelings to call forth what I wanted in my life. 

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Come to the edge…

Believe. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Remember, you can fly. Feel your courage; push through it. You too will soar. For great spirit will always be beside you. And go beyond your comfort zone to the place where miracles and grace live. To the place that each one of us was born to know.

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