Pure Creative Force Podcast: Interview with stand up comic Madison Erceg

Welcome to the first episode of the Pure Creative Force, a podcast series celebrating the spirit of creation. There’s a pulse of creativity running through each of us. It’s our job to honor and activate it. Join us and discover how to unleash the pure creative force within, hear from fellow creators about their process and learn how to keep elevated. Be inspired to GO CREATE.

In this episode, I interview Madison Erceg, a stand up comedienne from Atlanta, GA. She shares with us her journey, how she is creating the opportunity to write, perform, have a voice and be the realest, rawest version of herself. We talk about how a few wrong turns helped her face her biggest fears and then everything started to click. And how humor opens us up to our deepest truths and connects us as humans.


About Madison Erceg ...


Currently the Marketing Director of the Laughing Skull Lounge, Madison Erceg is a stand-up comic based in Atlanta, GA who has featured for Iliza Shlesinger & shared the stage with Chris Tucker, Ms. Pat, and Tom Segura. She can be seen performing standup all over the Southeast. In Los Angeles, Madison worked as a writer for multiple production houses. Every third Saturday of the month, Madison runs & hosts "Afternoon Delight," a comedy show at the Laughing Skull Lounge.

In 2015, her one-act play "Adam The Temptress" was chosen for The Road Theatre's 6th Annual Summer Playwright's Festival, and was featured as an official selection by the Los Angeles Female Playwright's initiative. Earlier that year, Madison's short film "The Jackpot" was selected as a finalist for Pepperdine University's Reel Stories Film Festival.

In 2017, Madison Erceg co-founded Above The Line Branding LLC, a PR firm based in Atlanta, GA that specializes in strategic industry communications within the Southeast market. As an actor, she is represented by RCM Talent & Management.

Listen to the interview:

Here's a rundown of our chat:

1:20 – Madison shares her journey. Always loving theatre and goofy Shakespeare characters. Auditioning for acting jobs in LA and trying to be someone else. Moving to Atlanta and being inspired by a failed romance to try an open mic. As soon as she stepped out on stage, she found herself at home and everything started clicking.

5:15 – Being vulnerable cracks everything open.

6:00 – Humor opens us up to our truth and helps connect us as humans. Theatre is a mirror to humanity, and stand up is an amplification of that.

8:43 – Madison’s creative process. Being intentional with her creativity, write 3 jokes a week or owe her accountability partner $20; discipline of testing out those jokes, takes hunger and tenacity to get the words out and perfect them; danger of prepping too much and not being able to let go, trust and be present.

11:25 – Centering herself before she gets on stage (please pardon the audio inconsistencies). Trust yourself that you’ve put in the work, be genuine and connect with the audience.

13:48 – How she handles hecklers and haters. Address it. Say “You’re better than that.” Listen. Find a way to connect.

16:33 – Most exhilarating experience. Opening for Iliza Shlesinger.

17:53 – What’s funny? Where she gets her content and how she gets to be the true, rawest version of herself.

19:55 – How laughter heals & gives us the ability to hold multiple perspectives. Boldness is rewarded.

21:58 – She wasn’t the class clown but she was "the class writing weirdo."

23:16 – She’s always known she’s creative.

24:18 – How she overcomes negative self talk.

25:27 – The scariest thing about stand up.

26:46 – When the doors started opening.

28:17 – Advice for listeners who don’t think they’re creative.

28:57 – Structures she puts in place to let the creativity come through.

30:58 – Madison’s top 3 tips for tapping into your pure creative force.



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