Pure Creative Force Podcast: Interview with Amina Makhdoom Lynch


Amina Makhdoom Lynch is the founder of Fresnel Consulting, a success coach, author and master manifester. She focuses on lovingly lifting and inspiring others to achieve their dreams thereby contributing their unique talent to support a world that works better for everyone. 

In our interview, she shares her process for creating and bringing forth miracles in her own life, how and why she started the Joy Challenge and how the simple act of non-suffering opened up space and time for her to create something even better in the world.


Here’s a rundown of our chat: 

1:39 — Amina’s background and how she uses the Pure Creative Force to achieve success. It’s not about waiting for the right time to bring forth creativity, it’s about a conscientious choice every day to bring YOU fully into the equation. How she brought joy to photocopying at 2 am early in her career.

5:11 — The shifts and results participants in the 30 Day Joy Challenge are creating. Decide on one big goal + do one thing every day for at least 2 minutes every day that brings you complete joy — with no effort towards the goal. We spend 25% of our waking hours arguing against the thing we want to do. They get a renewed confidence and ability to follow their inner joy. Big things happen in the energetic space of pure joy.

8:57 — Amina shares how she has spent a lot of time feeling stuck. and how she learned to embrace the stuck-ness. Something really big is about to happen. And it’s okay to just be stuck. Pray for other people’s happiness.

10:34 — How she helps clients access their best selves and their pure creative force. The force is a light switch & a decision whether to turn it on or off, it’s already there. Reminding people of the truth of who they are.

14:50 — Amina’s manifestation method, a six step process to create whatever you want in your life. Gratitude, Ask, Take Action, Release, Receive.

18:34 — The obstacles she sees clients struggle with when it comes to manifesting and creating something new.

20:46 — Where she goes for inspiration.

22:48 — The biggest lesson she’s learned in the last year, and how the practice of non-suffering opened up more time and space to create something better.

26:08 — Noticing the consciousness shifts in corporate America and federal government, inside DC and outside in California. Constant chatter is always available, versus the practice of connecting to your deepest self.

29:26 — How easily the younger generations “get it.”

33:12 — How Amina gets unstuck.

34:53 — How she cultivates a strong money mindset.

38:32 — What she’s most proud of creating: the ability to love.

40:00 — What’s next for Amina? Check out Amina’s 30 Day Joy Challenge at www.lunchwithcinderella.com.

More About Amina:

Amina Makhdoom Lynch specializes in high performance.  Amina’s work focuses on brining proven success strategies to individuals and companies in order to help them achieve their most important, challenging goals.  She teaches a one day Success Strategies seminar for individuals to help them clarify what they want to do and determine the obstacles that have kept them from achieving their dreams.  With her combined background in business consulting and human performance, Amina is able to help individuals and businesses apply proven principles for sustained success. 

 Amina is affectionately labeled “A Ray of Sunshine” not only for her positive attitude and disposition, but for her warmth and ability to connect with each person in the room creating a space that allows for growth. Ms. Makhdoom resides in the Charleston, Illinois, where she works as a coach and trainer.  Amina is a coach, working with individuals with Spiritual Counseling and Magical Marketing.  In addition to her Lunch with Cinderella blog, she is the creator of the award-winning program, The Joy Challenge and Being Present to Serve:  How to Make Money.

Amina has worked with many clients to help them overcome their biggest challenges to create high performing teams and organizations.  She has 20 years of Management Consulting experience, starting her career at Accenture prior to starting her own consulting company, Fresnel Consulting.  She leads the training team for Jack Canfield, America’s Success Coach and author of the Chicken Soup series as well as The Success Principle, and has written a number of articles, stories and blog posts.  She is a co-author of Success University for Women talking about how to achieve 100% return with 0% effort and Ignite Your Leadership talking about how to create real change in organizations.  In addition, Amina has created an e-book on how to manifest money by being present and being of service to those around you.

Previously, Ms. Makhdoom worked as a Management Consultant for Accenture.  She is a graduate of Georgetown University with a degree in Finance and Management and George Washington University with a certificate in International Mediation and Conflict Resolution.