When your story becomes yesterday’s news

Kristi Daniels McNab When Your Story Becomes Yesterday's News

I recently received a call from a man who wanted some career coaching. He proceeded to tell me the miseries and hardships of the last several years in trying to land a job … the economy, the wrong path, how he’s overqualified, blah, blah, blah and I started to swirl around in his over-explanation. When he asked what he should do, I stated candidly, “You need to drop your story. It’s not who you are. And it’s distracting you (and those who are listening to you) from what you really want.”


My heart went out to this guy, but I got to thinking: how many of us get caught up in our own story to the point that it keeps us stuck and all we do is repeat it over and over?


Think about an area of your life where you’re not achieving, being or doing what you really want:


  • Have you carried the reason why you haven’t achieved, been or done from a matter-of-fact statement to a dramatic tale of non-action, indecisiveness, excuses and never-ending hurdles?
  • Are you projecting your burdens, fears, uncertainties and missed opportunities?
  • Does your story exhaust you and are you tired of telling it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your story maybe yesterday’s news. And it’s time to let it go.

Realize that it’s not an accurate reflection of who you are and where you’re going, and it is keeping you from what you want. Here’s how to drop your story and close the book on all that drama:

  1. Realize your story served a purpose. Good, bad or indifferent, it was what it was. Reflect on the impact the story has had on your life and be grateful for the experience.
  2. Drop your story. No more excuses. To bring in any new experience, ambition or acquisition, you must be willing to eliminate the old to make room for something better.
  3. Watch the tendency to create another tale. When something is removed from your life, you create a vacuum. And nature abhors a vacuum, so you’ll naturally want to fill the space. Make sure it’s not another story. Keep the space open for the new and better.
  4. Take action. Make a decision about who you are and what you are achieving and doing. Do one thing today to move you closer to the goal or area you want to achieve. One small step is all it takes to generate momentum and shift your energy towards something better. When you’re in action, you have no need for the story.

Leave the story on the nightstand, not in your life where it could be stopping you in your tracks.

Share what action you are taking today to get you one step closer to your heart’s desire.


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