The power of multiple perspectives

Kristi Daniels McNab The Power of Multiple Perspectives

“Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open.” ~ Dalai Lama


Every interaction you have with another human being is an opportunity to grow. Every interaction and how you respond to that interaction… is an opportunity to learn, expand who you are, see things differently and ultimately have a greater experience of life.


If we were to live every minute of every day with this in mind, we’d eliminate a lot of unnecessary drama and wasted emotion. We’d also be able to experience more joy and peace.


Think back to the last time you were angry, irritated, frustrated or just plain exhausted with another person.Perhaps you’re still stewing in the discomfort, swirling in the drama or holding on to that icky interaction. Mine was in traffic this morning. Some lady was on my tail, darted around me and cut me off. It irritated me the whole ride.


Here’s one quick way to release the charge in any situation: put yourself in their shoes. In my case, my little speed racer could’ve had a stressful morning with a sick child at home, or she could’ve been really late for an important meeting. With that perspective, I can easily let it go.


When you’re knee deep in any frustrating, irritating or icky situation, instead of thinking about what they are DOING to you. See their side of the story. Then if you’re really good … step back to a third party’s view, what would someone else see between the two of you?


Three powerful perspectives: Mine. Yours. Ours.


Use these multiple perspectives to gain awareness for what’s really happening in any situation or interaction. Use multiple perspectives to drop the negative charge that’s holding you down. Use multiple perspectives to have more peace, understanding and space in your life.


It’s simple. It’s powerful. You already know this. Now put it into practice, so you can experience the relief.


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