That was easy!

Kristi Daniels McNab That Was Easy

As I set my intentions for the new year, I made a list of all the things I’d like to accomplish and even created a “joy list” (it sounds better than bucket) for all the adventures I’d like to take and experience in 2015. I got to thinking about making resolutions, goals and lists … and the secret to actually doingthem lies in how you approach the doing.


And for me, well, I tend to make things harder than they are. A lot harder.


I thought about where this pattern came from and I remembered a conversation I had about a decade ago with an old boss. The job itself was a breeze for me. My response to any task or request was, “No problem. That’s easy.” Until one day she cornered me, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “There’s no value in easy. Stop saying it’s easy.” I stopped. And from then on … made everything difficult.


Her words weren’t the source of this thought form, just the trigger. But ever since then, I’ve been making things really hard. Adding more resistance to my to-do list. Creating more drama to the big-action items. Allowing uncertainty to send me spinning in a confused state when it came to tackling my projects. You get the idea.


So for 2015, I’m adopting a new mantra, “It’s EASY.”


I bought an easy button from Staples and made an “Easy Jar.” I copied the jar idea from Elizabeth Gilbert (bestselling author of Eat Pray Love). She’s got a “Happy Jar” at home, where once a day she drops a note into the jar about one thing during her day that made her happy. Once a day when I’ve completed a task or moved a goal forward, I drop in a note that says … THAT WAS EASY.


What are your intentions, resolutions or goals for 2015? And what shifts in your approach can you make that will help you easily move into action? Perhaps it’s to focus on gratitude, joy or ease.


Choose a theme describing how you’ll go about making your goals and intentions a reality this year.

Go ahead. It’s easy.


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