Where are you losing energy?

Kristi Daniels McNab Where Are You Losing Energy?

Where are you losing energy?

When it comes to energy, our conversations usually focus on the physical body – eating more nutritious foods, getting daily doses of vitamins and minerals, moving the body with exercise or getting more sleep. With our busy schedules, incessant technological chimes, informational overload and environmental pressures, you’re not alone if you’re finding you need A LOT more energy than ever before to make it through your day.


If you’re not waking up excited for the day and the opportunities ahead, there is NOTHING wrong with you. You just need more energy! (And you intuitively know how to do this, you just need to remove a few blocks). More energy to ride on top of the waves of external pressures, instead of getting tossed around underneath in the swells. Remember: it’s your birthright to be alive, thrive and experience life with boundless energy, bliss and joy.


Let’s dig deeper to get to the heart of what maybe sapping your reserves. In a recent yoga class, I learned that the ancient rishis and yogis tell us that there are three subtle yet very big energy drains that keep us from living to our full potential:

  • We lose 30% of our energy to insecurity

  • We lose 30% of our energy to inner anger

  • We lose 10% of our energy to not taking risks


Left unchecked, these drains are a heavy combination leaving us listless, hopeless and wandering unconsciously through our day. It’s time to reverse these harmful patterns.


Here are some tips that work on the subtle realm and give you access to more energy for your day, your week and for fulfilling your goals and life dreams:


Be secure, build your self esteem. Where are you insecure or feeling unsure of yourself? When you’re insecure, you are afraid. When you’re insecure you begin to compromise and think short term, not long term. Shed light on where any of these feelings may reside. Start to recognize your power and the reality that who you are is bigger than your challenges or issues at hand.

  • Pray, meditate or find a practice that centers you and connects you to the universal force that is larger than you. Use a few moments of solitude or deep breathing to reconnect to your heart, set your energy for solid esteem and success.

  • Another tool is to use the sound current (your voice or listening to a mantra) to re-program negative thoughts and reconnect to your power and your soul. Repeat the kundalini mantra “Ang Sang Wahe Guru” (pronounced ung sung wa-hay goo-doo; translated as “the dynamic, living ecstasy of the Universe is dancing within every cell of me.”) 25 times – it’s a quick practice that will stop insecurity in its tracks by breaking the harmful thought pattern. The Gurmukhi language is faster and more powerful than English, giving you access to a bigger energy source. (Here’s a link to a track by artist Mirabai Ceiba.)


Where are you feeling anger or resentment? Is there a person you need to forgive, or perhaps a situation where you need to forgive yourself? Here are some helpful prompts to begin to loosen up anger and resentment:

  • Say to yourself: “I did the best I could,” or “They were doing the best they could with the information they had at the time.” This creates space to allow healing to come through.

  • For most people, anger is deeply buried in the cells and deeper excavation maybe needed to dig out old, stale emotions and energy. Here is a powerful 3 minute meditation (Fists of Anger) that will remove anger from your body and energy field. This meditation can be done every day, and within 40 days you will feel lighter and more energetic. It gets at the anger and resentment that you have no idea you’re carrying around.


Take more risks. Do one thing a day that scares you or pushes you past your comfort level. We waste a lot of time and energy scrambling to make ourselves more comfortable, which contracts our energy field. When you step out of your comfort zone, you expand your aura and energy field and strengthen your nervous system. You can hold more, and it’ll take much more to set you off balance. So it’s not just a mental win, your subtle bodies get a boost, too. I recently had a great nervous system boost as I drove around windy English countryside roads and roundabouts in a rental car on the opposite side of the vehicle, opposite side of the road and shifting the manual transmission with my opposite hand!


What are ways you get rid of insecurity and inner anger, and how do you take more risks? Share your tips and experiences below.


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