How to adjust to change

Kristi Daniels McNab How to Adjust to Change

We make changes in our lives to be the best person we can be, and to prepare ourselves for new adventures. We start a new exercise program, take on a healthy eating routine, move to new a neighborhood and a better home, take on a new role at work, or leave our job for something bigger and better.


Life changes are about taking a step up to the next level of happiness, health or wealth. And with change we can expect a certain layer of resistance – depending on how quickly we move or how big the transition.


And as you climb higher – just like climbing a mountain – the air and environment change and you may find yourself getting a little woozy, a little scared or wanting to turn around.


I recently drove to Sequoia National Park in northern California, climbing from sea level to 7,000+ feet within an hour. I could feel the change in the air, my heart raced, the windy turns seemed more dangerous and I got light-headed. Thank goodness for the scenic turnouts off the road, where I stopped several times to steady myself and readjust to the new altitude. The same thing happened last weekend when I climbed to 8000 feet on a ski lift to the top of Mt. Baldy. I almost had a panic attack. NEW HEIGHTS CAN BE SCARY, but the views are spectacular!


Here’s how you can prepare yourself to climb higher and adjust to change in your life:


  • Know that it’s more than just a simple habit change or move. You’re holding a new space. You’re in a new container. A new way of being. A new way of doing. It takes energy and intention to maintain the new space. Old thoughts or habits may creep back in, but keep strong, steady and committed to this new place.
  • Allow your transition to be a little messy. Who ever said it has to be a neat and tidy change? A little mess is good for the soul. Even if it gets to be a bigger mess – remember, chaos is the ultimate cleanser. If it does get messy, step back from the situation and become the observer. Observe yourself. And allow yourself to go through what you need to go through. Emotions, drama, tantrums. Just go through it. No judgment needed. It is what it is … IT’S YOUR EXPERIENCE. And it’s perfect. The key is to observe, go through it and GET THROUGH IT. Don’t wallow in the mess.
  • Lean a little … backward and forward. If you catch yourself getting anxious, starting to doubt your choice or wallowing in the “did I make the right choice?!”  … allow yourself to lean back, but know that you won’t fall back completely. Imagine there’s a safety harness around your waist that will help you easily bring you back to the new heights. Now you can lean forward … lean into it. Know what you need to maintain the new level of being.  Pull over, pause, and readjust if you need to. Get an accountability partner, or ask for support from your friends, family or colleagues.
  • Keep your eye on the prize and remember your why. Remember where it is you want to be and why you made the shift. Look out on the view with a new perception, and celebrate what you see. There’s power and energy in just DECIDING that this is where you want to be, even if doubts arise. (Read this blog post on the power of deciding.)

If there’s an imminent transition in your future, equip yourself with the strategies above.

Share your experience. And let us know what success tips you have for navigating change.

Keep climbing and thriving!


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