5 energy sources to make life and work a little easier

Kristi Daniels McNab 5 Energy Sources to Make Life and Work a Little Easier

For the majority of our day, our intellect dominates. We plan, strategize and think about how to move forward, what to change, how to do our work and bring greater fulfillment to our day. We’re always in our head, tackling the actions on our to-do list and getting things done.

There’s a set of stealth energy sources that we can tap to transform our experience and get things done … with ease and more joy. Isn’t it time transform the grit, gristle and grunt that comes from “working hard?” Where did that come from anyway?

As humans, we are energetic beings. At any given minute during the day, we’re emanating a vibration, and receiving and responding to different vibrations from our environment (the places we’re in and the people that surround us).

Energy bodies are invisible layers surrounding your physical body. These invisible layers include the aura, arcline and other subtle bodies. You already have some sense of them – even if you are unaware of what they’re called or how they work. As you walk into a room, it’s your energetic bodies that sense and feed you information to know instantly if it’s going to be a jovial conversation or one filled with tension.

Activate these energetic sources for positive change, momentum and greater influence. These secret skills will also increase your creativity and innovation. Ease of doing, and a greater sense of being “in the flow” are at your command. Here are 5 ways to activate your stealth energetic bodies:

Navigate the three intellectual energy bodies: the negative, positive and neutral minds.

You have three energetic minds, use them!

  • The negative mind is the first to show up. It identifies possible dangers or shortcomings and generates the protective caution to possible downsides or pitfalls in any situation. Use the negative mind to quickly identify potential dangers, set protective boundaries and move forward. If the negative mind is too weak, you won’t see potential potholes. If the negative mind is too strong, fear will halt action and a negative outlook about the future will prevail.

  • Use the positive mind to elevate others with an optimistic, energetic projection. A weak positive mind becomes overwhelmed by negative thoughts and stalls action. A positive mind that is unbalanced and too strong, may make foolish choices and ignore the red flags.

  • The neutral mind is your non-emotional intuition that is not swayed by the negative or positive intellect. Master the neutral mind to access wisdom and make decisions. A weak neutral mind immobilizes, letting the back and forth argument of the other two minds dominate the situation. A strong neutral mind knows when to drop the arguments and move forward in a calm, clear and conscious manner.

All three of these minds can be strengthened through a daily meditation practice. Contact me if you are interested in learning more.

Use your physical body to step out of strategy and thinking. You cannot access these Jedi-like skills when you are thinking all the time; high vibrations and fluid energy go stagnant when you’re constantly in your head. Of course, you need your plan and strategies to make progress, but learn how to maneuver quickly back and forth from your intellect to your energetic bodies. (And intellectualizing the information in this article will only keep you stuck. You have to have an experience in order to inform you.)  The easiest way to get unstuck is to move your body. Stretch, dance around or take a walk outside.

Use the power of intention. We know thoughts are things. Athletes visualize to win. Leaders use the Law of Attraction to create results. Decide what you want to experience and visualize what you are creating. A strong projection will command the energy needed to create an unwavering course towards what you desire. A daily meditation practice will strengthen your projection.

Send your energy bodies ahead. Just as you can send your thoughts ahead, you can send your energy ahead, too. For example, say you have a flight to catch tomorrow. Send your energy body ahead to keep you calm, focused and comfortable, no matter what the travel day brings. Or you have a big meeting where you need to present a ton of detailed information, send your subtle bodies ahead to deliver the right information at the right time. This is similar to setting an intention, but gives it an extra boost of setting your experience and what you’ll feel in the situation. Remember to recall your energy bodies back after the day.

Use your breath to shift your energy. Your pranic body is an electromagnetic field that carries life energy and our connection to each other. You strengthen your pranic body with your breath. Add breathing exercises to your daily routine – or use them in the moment – to shift your energy and keep your pranic body unshakeable. A strong pranic body won’t go racing for food or stimulants for energy. Here are two exercises to strengthen your pranic body:

  • Breath of Fire: use this breath to stimulate energy or when you need to shift gears immediately. Sit tall in your chair, legs and arms uncrossed, spine straight. Close your eyes and your mouth. Forcefully breathe in and out of the nose at a steady pace. The breath is audible and will sound like you’re sniffing. You’re belly will go in and out, but don’t worry about the navel, let it go naturally. Keep your focus on making your inhales and exhales equal in length and force. Create a rhythm at your own pace. Go for 1 minute; work your way up to 3 minutes to shift your circulation and blood chemistry, and energize your electromagnetic field; work your way up to 7 minutes and the patterns in your brain will begin to shift. (If you start to feel dizzy, slow your pace and shorten the time. Take it slow, and build up.)

  • One Minute Breath: use this breath to break yourself out of a funk and bring a sense of deep, solid, centered focus. The breath optimizes cooperation between the right and left brain hemispheres. Sit tall in your chair, legs and arms uncrossed, spine straight. Close your eyes and your mouth. The breath is through the nose. Breathe in for 20 seconds, hold the breath for 20 seconds and exhale for 20 seconds. Balance the inhale, retention and exhale for the same amount of time. You’ll need to work up to 20 seconds for the 3-part breath, so start with a 10-second cycle (10 second inhale, 10 second retain, 10 second exhale) and gradually increase.

Energy is everything. Learn how to activate your subtle energy fields and use them wisely. Try at least one of these tips today, and experience for yourself.


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