Sometimes, all you need is a little room

Kristi Daniels McNab Sometimes All You Need is A Little Room

Energetically, we’re bombarded by the second with texts, emails, phone calls, deadlines and overcommitted schedules. And the demands, requests and pressures from others seem to be never ending.


It’s like the whack-a-mole game – where you’re wielding a padded mallet like a mad person. Your heart rate rises, your vision strains and your nerves are heightened as you strike at anything that pops up in your space.


Or maybe some days it’s not a bunch of moles, it’s just ONE. The heightened irritation of a colleague or a situation at home that has you on-edge and out of your element.


If you are not grounded – or coming from a solid foundation that’s nice and strong and steady – you can easily be uprooted, feel scattered, stressed and overwhelmed by having to constantly pound whatever pops up.


Here’s one strategy to help you ward off the deluge of critters.


And how do you do that?

Take a breath. Take several breaths.


I know this sounds trite. But listen up … your breath is your life force. Start using it with intention and begin to feel how you can move energy through you, from you and away from you whenever you need it. Yes, you have this power.


Visualize a creative and loving energy coming to you with your inhale – the kind of energy that can solve any problem and return the smile to your face and a calmness to your being. And generate a force field of assertive power going out with your exhale. You’re not exhaling to flatten someone else or destroy them, you’re exhaling to put space between you and the stressor and to assertively and silently give it or them a “NO, not now.”


You can even physically push your hands in front of you, above you, below you, behind you, to the left and right of you to create more room around you.


As my kundalini teacher reminds us as we’re huffing and puffing through hours of breath exercises – the more prana (breath or life force) that you have between you and the external world, the more that you can be centered and calm in the middle of any storm. You can create this space whenever you need to – with your inhales and exhales.


As you generate more intention with your breathing, you also strengthen your nervous system and your electro-magnetic field (the invisible force field around you that’s either telling people to “back off” or “go ahead and give it to me, I’m a punching bag.”) Having a powerful pranic body also reverses the aging process, but we’ll cover that one in another post!


Why not start using this energy that is readily available to you?


Is there some situation (or person) in your life or work that is really irritating you? Instead of swirling around in the drama and getting pulled into the vortex of something or someone outside of yourself … start to use your breath (your life force) to create some space for you … to regain your composure, calm yourself down, communicate your boundaries or figure out a solution.


Try it and report back with your results.


Ahh … I can feel the stress dissipating for you right now!


Keep thriving,



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