How following your gut can make someone’s day

Kristi Daniels McNab Following Your Gut Can Make Someone's Day

You’ll love this story about synchronicity in action.


A few weeks ago, I thought about sending a flower arrangement to my friend & spiritual teacher to thank her for leading a great weekend retreat.

But I knew she was traveling and wouldn’t be home, so I didn’t send it.

A week later, the thought popped back in my head … JUST SEND THE FLOWERS. It’s not too late.

So I dialed up the local florist and arranged the delivery.

The next day I randomly ran into her, and she thanked me for the flowers.

Later that day, she sent me a note.


She was having a rough week with a client and asked for a sign on what to do – continue her spiritual teaching or return to her old job. Was she cut out for this work? As soon as she asked the question, the doorbell rang and the delivery guy greeted her with the bouquet and my note of gratitude. And a few hours later we connected in person. Her question was answered twice.


 Have you ever dismissed sending a thank you because you thought it was too late?


Have you ever randomly thought of a dear friend or loved one and said, “I should reach out to them,” but didn’t?


I know I have. Plenty of times. I either brush it off as trivial or dismiss the action because I’m too focused on how I might look … late, weird, random, etc.

My “just send the flowers” experience created a shift for me. I realize that we are more in-tune with each other than we realize. And those intuitive hits aren’t just random or weird … they’re messages. And I was being called to deliver one.


This week’s challenge:

  • Be open to any intuitive hit you receive about the people in your life … the snapshot, the warm-fuzzy feeling or thought about a family member, friend, co-worker or old neighbor.
  • Act on it – make the call, send the text, order the flowers. Don’t question it and don’t delay. Speak straight from your heart.
  • Comment below and share your serendipitous connections!


Know that the intuitive hits you receive might just be the universe tapping you as a messenger to remind someone else of their greatness and that they are loved. Give back by following your gut!


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