Follow your intuition to make wise decisions

Kristi Daniels McNab Follow Your Intuition to Make Wise Decisions

Have you ever worked yourself into a tizzy over making a decision? Have you ever stressed yourself out from fear of making the wrong choice, or were pressured into making a decision under someone else’s timeframe?


When it comes to making important decisions – either in business, on the job or in life – it’s very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of external demands and ignore your own inner guidance.


Your inner guidance is the wisest part of you, it’s always available to you and will always lead you down the right path. It’s time to start building our intuitive muscles to better tap this source of inspiration and guidance.


Last week, I had a new business opportunity drop in my lap. My immediate gut response was NO, this isn’t for me. But after some back and forth with a business partner, I quickly reversed my direction and said yes. The next 48 hour period was a whirlwind. I felt like a crazy person. I was up, down, flipping out, calming myself down then freaking out again … “Was this a good fit?!” “Will I be able to make an impact?!” “I don’t even have all the details?!” and on and on. I felt like a fish out of water flopping around from one end of the office to the other.


In the end, I walked away – following my original intuitive guidance. I reflected on the experience and wanted to share the golden nuggets of wisdom to guide you during your next big decision-making situation.


Follow these tips to acknowledge your inner guidance and eliminate external distractions the next time you have an important choice to make:

  1. Put space between you and the decision. Give yourself room for clarity to arise. Slow down. Calm down. If other people are pressuring you to make a decision, buy some time. Tell them (or tell yourself) you need 24-48 hours to sleep on it. It’s a reasonable request and know that you don’t have to respond right away. You won’t be able to hear your intuitive wisdom when there’s frenetic energy, fear or pressure hanging around.
  2. Connect to your wisest self. Once you’ve given yourself space, then start to tune into your intuition. This is the part of you that is all-knowing and will give you the best guidance, no matter what. You just need to give it a clear path to come through and make sure you are ready to receive it. Messages from your wisest self do not come through your head or your intellect. They’ll either resonate from your heart or your gut (that’s why the gut is often called the second brain). The easiest way to do this is to be completely present and get grounded. Go outside for a walk around the block, open up all your senses and awaken your cells. Or you can also sit quietly, turn off all distractions, close your door and do a couple of rounds of “heart breathing” – focus on the center of your chest and breathe in and out feeling like the air is coming in and out through your heart center. (This may seem awkward at first, but it’s a quick and easy way to get out of your head. All you have to do is visualize it or feel it and know that you’re doing it correctly.) Give yourself at least 5 minutes to just sit and breathe.
  3. Ask for guidance – and listen for the answer. One of the greatest strategies to learn is to be able to ask for guidance and hear the answers from your wise self. Again, intuition is not intellect, so don’t expect to hear the answer loud and clear in your ear. This will come with practice. Here’s how you can start practicing:


Ask your question (“Should I decide X?”) or state the decision you want to make (out loud or to your self) and then tune into to how your body feels.

  • Does your throat tighten up?
  • Does your gut start to churn?
  • Does your skin feel like it’s crawling?
  • Or some other not-so-good feeling?

In other words, do you contract? This means the answer is no, or you’re off the path.

  • Or does your heart center feel like it’s warming up or expanding?
  • Do you get a good vibe?
  • Do you feel the good kind of goose-bumps?
  • Do you feel a warm fuzzy feeling?


This means you’re expanding, and the answer to your question is yes, or you’re on the right path.


You can also write out your question on paper. And start to list the pros and cons. Be careful not to go fully back to your intellect … stay present and keep breathing. Read what you wrote and notice what feelings arise. See if you can track your guidance to the right answer for you.

Keep asking or writing until you get a clear answer. You should feel good and have a smile on your face. If there’s anxiety or uncertainty, you’re not there yet. Repeat #1 and #2.

  1. Make your decision. Communicate your decision clearly and concisely with appreciation and grace. Do not over-communicate or feel like you have to over-explain your decision.
  1. If you feel like you have to do more, STOP. It is not your job to have to clean up the mess or fall out from your choice. How other people react is not your business.
  1. Celebrate your decision and your connection to your intuition.

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