Decide to Generate Momentum


I know you have secret wishes, hopes and dreams. Being appreciated at work. Health and vitality. Greater connection in your relationships. More peace and happiness.

You have simpler dreams and wishes, too. A smooth commute. New curtains for your bedroom. A fun dinner outing with your family.

Wishing and dreaming are good, but it takes one important action to deliver your desires …

And that’s to DECIDE.

Decide that your wish is yours.

Decide that you deserve it.

Decide that it’s time.

Decide to have it now.


The energy you generate when you DECIDE cuts through the dreaminess, the loftiness, the “maybe I can have it sometime in the future” and brings it to you, now. The energy you generate when you DECIDE cuts through the whining, the excuses, and the “yeah … buts” and clears the way for results. Of course you still have to take action, but any energetic or emotional block keeping you from your dream is removed. The Latin root of the word literally means to cut off. By deciding, you cut off the mental garbage and create a beeline for what you really want to have, be or do in your life.


New York Times best-selling author Sonia Choquette offers this distinction between wishing and deciding: wishes and hopes are potentially weak and can be diminished, deflected and dashed. Decisions on the other hand, are royal, and when they rise up from the soul, will be treated royally. Circumstances will bow to them. People will honor then. Others will be inspired by them. Because true decisions are so rare, they will be treated with unusual respect.


Realize the power of DECIDING to have what you want in your life – the tangible stuff, the money, the love, the state of being and the experiences. All you have to do is decide that you want it. Own it. Step into it. And it’s yours.


Keep thriving!



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