Come to the edge…

Kristi Daniels McNab Come To The Edge

I wanted to share one of my favorite poems about courage and taking a leap of faith:

One day, Great Spirit called to the soul. He said, “Come to the edge.”
And the soul said, “I can’t. I’m afraid.
And the great spirit repeated, “Come to the edge.”

And the soul replied, “but I’ll fall off.”
And the Great Spirit said, “Come to the edge.” And the soul went to the edge, and the Great Spirit pushed the Soul and the Soul flew. The Soul soared.

Believe. Even when it’s uncomfortable.

Remember, you can fly.

Feel your courage; push through it. You too will soar.

For great spirit will always be beside you.

And go beyond your comfort zone to the place where miracles and grace live. To the place that each one of us was born to know.

The place of miracles and grace. Release yourself into your life. You are courage. Be true to yourself, your convictions. Before all else, love thyself.


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