Me too. And now what? It can’t just be words. Change demands action.


Me too.

And now what?

It can’t just be words. Change demands action.

The revealing of the atrocities that are Harvey Weinstein, and everyone like him, has broken the barrier of silence and shame of sexual assault, abuse and harassment. It’s also brought to clear view how society’s powerful and the workplace elite prey upon and manipulate women, every single day. and. in. every. single. industry.

There’s a feeling of comradery as millions of women (and men) share their experiences and voice their emotion.

We must take the energy of “I see you,” “I hear you,” “I understand you,” and “I stand for you” to ignite transformational change in our lives, our workplaces and in society.

It starts with me … and you. 

Me too is a call to share, to be brave. It’s also a call to shift the patriarchal pillaging of women. We must not wait or look around for someone else to fix the solution. Celebrities can’t do it. And elected officials can’t either.

I am the solution.

You are the solution.

We are the solution. And we’re so much stronger than we’ve ever been told or shown.

Every single woman will have her own action(s) to take:

·      We cry, scream, get pissed (again) and relive our own and each others’ experiences.

·      We heal ourselves, and in doing so heal the collective and each other. Talk to someone, see a healer or therapist. The only way out is through. And it may not be pretty. Heal the distorted patriarchal wounds and bring forth the feminine that’s ready to roar.

·      We can choose to be bitter and spend our time attacking what was and what existed a minute ago, or we can tap into our infinite wisdom and create something better, right now.

·      We can stand up for ourselves with guts, grace and grit, and we can stand for each other. Silence and feeling bad or shameful are no longer options.

·      We can open up to the possibility that it can be better. And we have the ability to transform – in fact it’s our birthright to have a different experience.


Mamma’s here, and she’s pissed.

For the last 2000 years, patriarchal paradigms have ruled the world. Abuse, assault, greed, corruption, manipulation, division, hate, duality and war have dominated as distorted masculine energy. As the planet shifts and the matriarchal energy rises and strengthens, she’s got a big job to do. She’s here to heal and birth something new. The power of feminine energy doesn’t come to its full strength by attacking what was, being a victim or focusing on the past, it’s ignited when we decide to hold the space for each other and bring forth something that’s never been seen before. What we birth, eradicates what was. It’s a law of nature.

We have to hold the space for our sisters who think the mountain is too big to tackle, or there’s no way things will ever change. We’ve been lied to for a long time.

One of the most profound teachings that I’ve learned from my spiritual study of ancient yogic teachings is that women are 16X more powerful than men. This was taught 1000s of years ago, but got lost in the patriarchal pounding.

When I first heard this, my mind automatically brought up images and experiences of a man’s physical strength over a woman. But that’s “POWER” as defined by the masculine. Power and strength defined by the feminine is subtle strength. It’s empathy. It’s healing. It’s receptive. It’s compassion in action that moves and transforms humanity. And it’s the power to birth and create something new. It’s the power to elevate self, each other and … the men around us.

What would happen if every woman and girl were to walk through her day knowing that she was 16x more powerful than she’s ever been told? What would she do if she knew she had the subtle strength to heal herself, heal others, shift her view of life and create what she most desired? And she didn’t have to wait for permission or someone else to show, or do it for her?

We’d have a revolution. That’s what’ll happen.

Be the change you want to see.

Speak up, speak out and take action. It’s time to birth something better. We all have the power to do it.