Me too. And now what? It can’t just be words. Change demands action.

Me too.


And now what?


It can’t just be words. Change demands action.

The revealing of the atrocities that are Harvey Weinstein, and everyone like him, has broken the barrier of silence and shame of sexual assault, abuse and harassment. It’s also brought to clear view how society’s powerful and the workplace elite prey upon and manipulate women, every single day. and. in. every. single. industry.

There’s a feeling of comradery as millions of women (and men) share their experiences and voice their emotion.

We must take the energy of “I see you,” “I hear you,” “I understand you,” and “I stand for you” to ignite transformational change in our lives, our workplaces and in society.

It starts with me … and you. 

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When helping others isn’t really helping

“Here, let me help you.” The last time I said those words, my niece was a toddler and I was trying to quickly solve one of her conundrums. A puzzle piece wasn’t fitting in her mermaid/sea creature creation. But she wouldn’t have it.

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Where are you losing energy?

When it comes to energy, our conversations usually focus on the physical body – eating more nutritious foods, getting daily doses of vitamins and minerals, moving the body with exercise or getting more sleep. 

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4 tips to turnaround any situation

Is there some area of your work or your life that you’d like to see a different result? Or do you have a challenge that you are facing where you can’t seem to figure out the next best step? Or maybe you need to hit the re-fresh button for a clearer outlook?

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5 energy sources to make life and work a little easier

For the majority of our day, our intellect dominates. We plan, strategize and think about how to move forward, what to change, how to do our work and bring greater fulfillment to our day. We’re always in our head, tackling the actions on our to-do list and getting things done.

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The power of multiple perspectives

Every interaction you have with another human being is an opportunity to grow. Every interaction and how you respond to that interaction… is an opportunity to learn, expand who you are, see things differently and ultimately have a greater experience of life.

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That was easy!

As I set my intentions for the new year, I made a list of all the things I’d like to accomplish and even created a “joy list” (it sounds better than bucket) for all the adventures I’d like to take and experience in 2015.

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When your story becomes yesterday’s news

I recently received a call from a man who wanted some career coaching. He proceeded to tell me the miseries and hardships of the last several years in trying to land a job … the economy, the wrong path, how he’s overqualified, blah, blah, blah and I started to swirl around in his over-explanation. 

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How to adjust to change

We make changes in our lives to be the best person we can be, and to prepare ourselves for new adventures. We start a new exercise program, take on a healthy eating routine, move to new a neighborhood and a better home, take on a new role at work, or leave our job for something bigger and better.

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Sometimes, all you need is a little room

Energetically, we’re bombarded by the second with texts, emails, phone calls, deadlines and overcommitted schedules. And the demands, requests and pressures from others seem to be never ending.

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Follow your intuition to make wise decisions

Have you ever worked yourself into a tizzy over making a decision? Have you ever stressed yourself out from fear of making the wrong choice, or were pressured into making a decision under someone else’s timeframe?

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Stay In Your Lane

I recently received some great advice from my mentor about managing my energy and avoiding distractions: “Stay in your lane, Kristi. Stay in your lane.”It reminded me of the road rage I see every day on the 405.

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Decide to Generate Momentum

I know you have secret wishes, hopes and dreams. Being appreciated at work. Health and vitality. Greater connection in your relationships. More peace and happiness.

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How following your gut can make someone’s day

A few weeks ago, I thought about sending a flower arrangement to my friend & spiritual teacher to thank her for leading a great weekend retreat.But I knew she was traveling and wouldn’t be home, so I didn’t send it.

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When the Law of Attraction isn’t working …

Early on in my coaching journey, I will admit, I was a frustrated student of The Law of Attraction. Year after year, I’d set intentions (make declarations through word) and feel the feelings to call forth what I wanted in my life. 

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Integrity. Choose it and ditch the drama.

Integrity is one of the most common core values identified by my individual and organizational clients, and I’ll bet it’s a common descriptor you use yourself. We are quick to believe that of course, we live in integrity! Yet, what does it really mean to be “in integrity?”

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Are you committed or attached?

Have you ever wanted a situation to turn out a certain way, but were so frustrated when it didn’t happen? Or wanted to achieve a goal so bad, but wound up deflated when you fell short?

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Come to the edge…

Believe. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Remember, you can fly. Feel your courage; push through it. You too will soar. For great spirit will always be beside you. And go beyond your comfort zone to the place where miracles and grace live. To the place that each one of us was born to know.

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