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Strengthen Your Nervous System

Breath of Fire*

  • sit with a tall spine

  • breathe powerfully through the nose

  • focus on the nose and making equal inhales and exhales

  • let the navel pump but don’t focus here

  • find your own rhythm

  • close the eyes

  • practice daily for 3 minutes


  • strengthens nervous system, increases vital strength

  • releases toxins and expands the lung capacity

  • increases oxygen delivery to the brain, facilitating a focused, intelligent & neutral state of mind

* Note: Ladies: on the first 3 days of your cycle, you want to avoid breath of fire; opt for long deep breathing instead. Energetically, this is a time of release and breath of fire moves your energy in the opposite direction. Honor your cycle. Also, pregnant women and young children should not practice breath of fire.



Cold Showers (ISHNAAN)

  • massage hands and wrists; one hand massages the other

  • massage feet; one foot massages the other

  • let water run down your back; massage the body

  • let the water run down both armpits (where the parasympathetic nervous system meets the sympathetic nervous system)

  • feel the body generate heat after a few seconds; continue with cold water, or return to your regular routine


  • Open up the capillaries and flush the blood from the organs to the surface to the skin and back.

  • “When the organs get a flushing, then immediately the glands have to change their secretion. And when the glands (which are the guardians of health and life) change, youth returns.”